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What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different?

Jenny’s Gourmet Marketplace & Meal Prep is a gourmet take-out restaurant that offers a selection of meal prep programs. What sets our company apart from the rest is the exceptional quality and standard in which our meals are executed. Most of our entrees are prepared from scratch by seasoned chefs who pride themselves in producing nothing less but the best.

All of our delicious entrees are made fresh on a daily bases. We prepare our dishes with quality meats obtained from local Ohio farmers. They are organic, grass fed, they are free of GMO's, Antibiotics and Steroids. We do not use any preservatives to sustain our food. Jenny’s Gourmet uses all natural sweeteners such as Ohio's own maple syrup and honey, turbinado and cane sugars. We use the freshest ingredients, herbs and produce purchased daily at local markets and farms.


Interested In A Gourmet Meal Prep Plan?

Are you tired of getting the same old meals of bland chicken breast and fish purchased in a “bag”? At Jenny’s Gourmet we understand that serving the community quality, healthy meals free of pesticides, chemicals and preservatives are important.

Because all of our meats are purchased from local fish mongers and farms, you’ll never have to worry about eating the 5% solution that many meat items are packaged in! Select one of our programs and choose from our selection of gourmet prepared meals! You can choose 3, 5 or 7 days a week, 1, 2 or 3 meals per day delivered fresh to your door.


Looking To Lose Weight?

Jenny’s Gourmet prepares your meals without using canned foods (which are high in salt), unhealthy fats, artificial sweeteners, and any meats with growth hormones and steroids.  Without all of these harmful factors contributing to your diet, it will make it easier to lose weight.

If you are interested in obtaining a monthly or weekly meal plan along with physical fitness, please call us to schedule a consultation today! Or, just choose from our carb free weight loss menu.


Senior Citizens?

Taking care of our older ones can be quite a challenge these days especially when it comes to pricey health care and expensive assisted living. Obtaining a meal prep company to prepare foods for your loved ones may be a less expensive alternative! This may be the plan for you or your loved ones! Jenny's Gourmet provides affordable healthy meal plans for seniors who may be unable to cook for themselves, or who are in an assisted living situation and may need a healthy meal prep service. All of meals are properly portioned and nutrient rich!

Vegetarian Meals - Coming Soon!

If you're looking for a healthy meal plan of wholesome entrees you've came  to the right place! Our vegetarian meals are prepared by a vegetarian chef and certified delicious!