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Enjoy Gourmet Dining From the Comfort of Home

Jenny’s Gourmet is a unique culinary kitchen that designs clean eating and healthy meal prep programs in order to assist common people in our community by allowing healthy meals to become easily obtainable. We pride ourselves on not using any preservatives or unwholesome ingredients.  All of our meats are free of hormones, GMO's and steroids.

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Meal Prep Program

Are you tired of getting the same old meals of bland chicken breast and under seasoned vegetables? Then you came to the right place! Choose from our healthy gourmet menu today!



Jenny's Gourmet offers a full take-out menu! Available for pick-up or delivery to your home or business! Call in an order yours today!

Jenny's Gourmet Desserts

Enjoy one of our delicious, decadent desserts.  Visit our Gourmet Desserts page and order yours today!

Vegetarian Menu Coming Soon!

Weight Loss Program

Eat Healthy & Get Fit!

Don't let this New Year pass you by! Our #EatHealthyGetFit program includes 28 meals of prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with 12 work out sessions with a certified personal trainer! Join our weight loss program for $449 a month or, 2-easy payments of $250.  Check out our menu today!


"If you are what you eat, you might as well eat something good"


"Until I discovered cooking, I was never really interested in anything"

-Julia Childs

"Training is Everything, the peach was once a bitter almond, cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education"

-Mark Twain

"Every woman should own a blowtorch"

-Julia Childs